CEO delegates part of responsibility and authority to his Deputy. At the slide you can see that we recruit both internally and externally

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1.  Good morning, Ladies (and Gentlemen) and thank you for coming here today to listen to my presentation.

2.  Let me start by introducing myself. My name is and I’m a project Manager in Sibniiproject.

3.  My purpose today is to outline key features of the company I work for.

4.  I’m going to divide my presentation into 3 sections.

5.  First we’ll deal with the organizational structure, then I want to consider recruitment policy and finally I’m going to dwell upon the main principles of corporate social responsibility that Sibniiproject follows.

6.  I’ll take 10 minutes of your time and then if you have any questions I’ll be glad to answer then at the end of my talk.

7.  So, let’s start. I’d like to begin by giving general information about the company.

8.  Sibniiproject is an engineering company which renders full range of services within EPCM-contracts offering comprehensive solutions to our customers.

9.  Sibniiproject is a corporation which means it exists as an independent legal entity owned by shareholders with limited liability.

10.  To fulfill its mission effectively Sibniiproject has adopted functional structure, which is best suited to its purposes.

11.  If you take a look at the slide you can see that Sibniiproject is divided into broad sectors with their own functions.

12.  At the top of the structure is CEO who has the major responsibility for running of the company.

13.  CEO delegates part of responsibility and authority to his Deputy.

14.  CEO is supported by executive officers each with clearly defined responsibilities.

15.  For example Production Manager is accountable for supervising all production departments.

16.  As you can see there is a clear line of communication between management levels.

17.  Managers specialize in particular aspects of business which enables the departments to reduce duplication of managerial effect as areas of responsibility do not overlap.

18.  Since Sibniiproject  has several divisions accountable to the Regional Managers the Company also uses elements of functional structure that helps to tailor company operation to the local conditions and requirements.

19.  Moreover in order to manage specific tasks Sibniiproject use matrix structure alongside functional structure.

20.  Production Manager appoints a team leader who heads a team made up of specialists from different departments to meet the needs of a project.

21.  Project Manager directly reports to the Production Manager for implementing the project within a specific deadline and budget.

22.  To sum up Sibniiproject is corporation and has adopted a mixture of functional, geographic and matrix structures.

23.  As Sibniiproject starts and runs various projects continuously, we have to plan ahead and recruit on a regular basis to meet the needs for people for a certain project.

24.  This leads me to the next point of my presentation – Recruitment Policy.

25.  At the slide you can see that we recruit both internally and externally.

26.  If there is a need for a specialist we apply to the HR Manager and set out the technical skills and competences the person needs to have for the position.

27.  The first decision of the HR Manager will be whether to promote internal candidates or advertise the vacancy outside the company.

28.  Actually we prefer to promote internal candidates as they usually have already developed good expertise in a particular aspect and know their colleagues well so they are most sure to fit in with team work.

29.  When there is no suitable internal candidate HR Manager places job advertisement on the website of the company or on the recruiting web-sites.

30.  Specialists of the Personnel Department are in charge of screening the candidates applying to the company.

31.  In the first stage of screening they look carefully at the CVs and application letters of the candidates and make up short-list of job-seekers who match the job description to invite them to attend an interview.

32.  Our HR specialists understand the limitations of the simple interview as a recruitment method.

33.  To evaluate communication skills, attention to detail, personality traits and other intangible qualities of the applicants they turn to other methods such as written tests, simulation of decision-making situations.

34.  After the interview HR Manager analyses the results and makes final recruitment decision.

35.  To summarize what has been just said so far: Sibniiproject recruits regularly both internally and externally using various hiring practices.

36.  We place a strong emphasis on qualifications of potential employees, but once we hire them we take on responsibility for them and do our best for the benefit of our staff within our CSR policy, which is actually the next point I want to speak in my presentation.

37.  Being a widely diversified company Sibniiproject is a part of a society and we try to reflect social standards.

38.  CSR for us goes far beyond simple abiding the rules.

39.  Sibniiproject has strong reputation which comes from basing strategy decision-making on respected social and environmental principles.

40.  Good reputation makes it easier to recruit employees who are better motivated and pore productive.

41.  As I’ve already mentioned Sibniiproject takes care of its workers regarding them not as human resources but as the main asset of the company.

42.  Internal CSR includes labor safety, payment of wages on time, medical insurance and staff training.

43.  External CSR involves responsible attitude to customers and ethical behavior with partners and suppliers.

44.  We treat our customer openly and are ready to help them whenever they require our assistance.

45.  Moreover our procurement managers choose the suppliers carefully and audit them regularly to ensure they follow responsible working practices.

46.  As a result our commitment to improvement of life and work of all stakeholders gains respect from the government and wins recognition from investors for our managing business well.

47.  To sum up: our company operates on the basis of respective social principles for the benefit of all stakeholders.

48.  In conclusion let me go over the main points of my presentation.

49.  Sibniiproject is a successful corporation which uses functional structure complemented by geographic and matrix structures.

50.  Sibniiproject recruits on a regular basis using comprehensive hiring methods to meet demand for specialists.

51.  We are socially responsible company and try to act with integrity to all stakeholders, namely our employees, customers and partners.

52.  This brings me to the end of my presentation.

53.  Thank you for your attention.

54.  If you have any questions please feel free to ask them.

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