Практическое пособие для студентов IV курса специальности «Психология», страница 21

billy clubs – полицейские дубинки

enforce certain rules – проводить в жизнь некоторые правила

Gallup poll – опрос общественного мнения

group influence – групповое влияние

brim with confidence – переполняться уверенностью, быть абсолютно уверенным

rocket booster – ракетоноситель

rocket seal – изолированные слои ракеты

final « go » decision – разрешение

one-way flight – полёт в один конец

commit the fundamental attribution error – совершать существенную ошибку приписывания

personality traits – личностные черты, качества

Lexical Exercises

1.  Look at the following words and circle the five that are the most difficult for you. Then in groups of four share your list and help one another understand the meaning of those words. Try to explain their meanings in English.


role playing






the bizarre









2.Give Russian equivalents of the words given above.

3.Find in the text the sentences in which these words are used and translate them in Russian.

4.Find in the text the equivalents of the following :

вдохновлять, в точности скопированные действия, бармен, ролевая игра, покорный, убеждение, опрос общественного мнения, сногсшибательный, лидирующий, проводить в жизнь некоторые правила, отставать, групповое влияние, воодушевлённый, быть абсолютно уверенным, склонность, разрешение.

5.Build up new sentences in Russian using the words given above and translate them into English.

6.Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list given below.

1)  ... psychology’s great lesson is that our ... and behavior are powerfully affected by social ... such as ..., role playing, ..., and group influence.

2)  ... actions are not restricted to the spectacular or ...

3)  Some young men were randomly ... as guards; they were given uniforms, ..., and whistles and were instructed ...

4)  After a day or two of ..., “playing” their roles, ... became very real.

5)  The men’s ... into their roles occurred in small steps.

6)  The Reagan ... caused many people to wonder what ... made Ronald Reagan so ... and his audience so ...

7)  The NASA executive who made ... decision was never informed of ...

8)  We generally explain people’s behavior by... if either to internal or to external ...

9)  In accounting for others’ actions, we tend ... the influence of ....

10) When talking about ourselves, we generally use words that describe our ... and ...

Social, the bizarre, indoctrination, to underestimate, attitudes, designed, qualities, the final “go”, the situation, influences, billy clubs, persuadable, the warnings, suggestibility, to enforce certain rules, attributing, persuasion, self-consciously, landslide, dispositions, actions, copycat, the simulation, persuasive, situations, reactions.

7. Complete the following sentences according to the text. Add as much information as possible.

1)  Suicides, bomb threats, airplane hijackings ...

2)  A group of decent young men volunteered to spend time in a simulated prison...

3)  After a two-week media blitz and a presidential debate, Reagan, « the greatest communicator »...

4)  Buoyed by a string of successful space shuttle launches, the NASA management team ...

5)  The NASA executive who made the final « go » decision was never informed...

6)  We generally explain people’s behavior by attributing it ...

7)  When we explain our own behavior, however, we...

8)  You, too, have probably committed the fundamental attribution error...

9)  The instructor, on the other hand, observes his/her behavior...

10) When talking about ourselves, we...

8.Put your own questions to the text and ask your group-mates to answer them.