Практическое пособие для студентов IV курса специальности «Психология», страница 11

1.Look at the following words and circle the five that are the most difficult for you. Then in groups of four share your list and help one another understand the meaning of those words. Try to explain their meanings in English.

















2.Give Russian equivalents of the words given above.

3.Find in the text the sentences in which these words are used and translate them in Russian.

4.Find in the text the equivalents of the following:

Сосуществовать, замкнутый, вызывать, психологическое расстройство, соматическое расстройство, диссоциативная амнезия, испытывать повышенную тревожность, самый главный, психотический, опустошительный,  катотонический, остаточное явление (после болезни), с неясным сознанием, неподдающийся лечению, мимический, раздвоение личности; эмоциональность, привлекающая повышенное внимание.

5.Build up new sentences in Russian using the words given above and translate them into English.

6.Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list given below.

1)  We, too; may be anxious,…,…,…,…, or … .

2)  Many… and … believe that a system for naming and describing psychological … facilitates treatment and research.

3)  Those who suffer … for no apparent reason feel uncontrollably tense and … .

4)  The … disorders involve a somatic symptom.

5)  Dissociative … usually involves selective forgetting in response to … .

6)  … involves not only forgetting one’s identity but fleeing one’s home.

7)  In the less common …, the person alternates between … and … of depression and the … phase of mania.

8)  Schizophrenia literally translated means … .

9)  … personality disorders are enduring character problems that sometimes coexist with one of the other … .

10) For society, the most troubling of these disorders is the … disorder.

Depressed, psychiatrists, somatoform, stress, withdrawn, an anxiety disorder, the hopelessness, suspicious, psychologists, fugue, lethargy, deluded, uneasy, bipolar disorder, split mind, antisocial, disorders, amnesia, hyperactive, maladaptive, disorders, antisocial personality.

7.Complete the following sentences according to the text. Add as much information as possible.

1)  Many psychiatrists and psychologists differentiate between …

2)  Those who suffer an anxiety disorder …

3)  The somatoform disorder …

4)  Under stress a person’s conscious awareness will sometimes become dissociated …

5)  Among mood disorders they differentiate …

6)  Schizophrenia is the foremost psychotic disorder …

7)  Maladaptive personality disorders are enduring character problems …

8)  For society, the most troubling disorder is …

9)  The person who used to be called a sociopath or psychopath is …

10) But as with mood disorders and schizophrenia, the antisocial personality  is …

8.Put your own questions to the text and ask your group-mates to answer them.

9.Look through the text and write out all the words and expressions concerning psychology.

10.Give a written translation of the following extract:

« Those who suffer an anxiety disorder … » up to « Most mysterious of all disorders are cases of multiple personality ».

11.Render the following extract in English

Человеку, находящемуся в состоянии депрессии, кажется, что ему никогда не станет лучше и что для него всё кончено. По мнению специалистов, такое ощущение безысходности нередко приводит к попыткам свести счёты с жизнью.